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My love for movies

Hello and Welcome!

My name is André van Haren, and this is my first post on this blog. It’s going to be about movies and about a way of looking at them, using Contour.

Contour is a software program created by Mariner Software and is based on a movie structure approach by Jeffrey Alan Schechter.

I am not a screenwriter, nor am I part of the above mentioned company. My reason for starting this blog is completely out of love for movies and my love for seeing how they tick, why they work, and after trying out a lot of story structure systems I decided that for me, Contour is the one I want to work with.

In my daily life I work as a composer, arranger and music engraver, which takes up a lot of my time. Because of that, this blog will not be updated daily, but I hope to post at least one movie breakdown a month.

Movie breakdowns will be posted one section at the time, when ever I can find a free moment in my busy life and will follow the work flow as used in the Contour software:

Questions – Archetypes – Formula – Orphan – Wanderer – Warrior – Martyr.

I am curious to see how movies will fit in the Contour story-structure approach. Although Contour can in my opinion deliver a good structured story, not all stories are made with Contour what probably will leave me with empty or half filled in Plot Points in the Acts Sections in Contour. So be it.

I am open to discussions with other Contour Users and Film Lovers, so just drop me a post when ever you see something that could be/should be/Really Should Be broken down different. Also, because I will post a movie breakdown piece by piece, jump in whenever you feel like it and make comments on the section I am working on.

Now let’s have fun…


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