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Written by Leigh Whannell, directed by James Wan,

Who is the main character? – Josh Lambert

  • What is the main character trying to accomplish?
    Physical: Bring Dalton’s soul back to his physical body.
  • Emotional: Take the responsibility to help his wife whenever problems arise (or is this his flaw?)
  • Spiritual: Accept that there exists a spiritual world next to the physical one.

Who is trying to stop the main character? – The Lipstick-Face Demon.

What happens if the main character fails? – Dalton’s body will be taken over by the Lipstick-Face Demon and Dalton’s soul trapped in The Further: dead.

How is the main character an orphan in Act 1?
Josh distances himself from every problem that arises (parking tickets, Dalton’s situation). He also distances himself from the rest by not believing in a spiritual dimension.

How is the main character a wanderer in Act 2a?
After Josh learns that he is a “Traveler” just as his son, he leaves his physical body and travels into “The Further” to find Dalton. After some clueless wandering in the dark, a boy (the younger Josh/helper) points him to a house; after some clueless wandering inside this house, Josh ends up on the attic in front of a red door which he recognizes from a drawing of his son Dalton. However, a long haired demon (Deflector) appears and blocks Josh’s way (obstacle); the demon fights  Josh and almost wins until Josh hears Elise’s voice in his head, telling him that he is stronger than the demon because he is still alive (acquiring knowledge and skills) after which Josh pushes the demon far away; behind the red door is the chamber of the Lipstick-Face Demon where Dalton is chained to the floor. Josh tells him that these chains aren’t real (Josh uses his acquired knowledge) after which Dalton’s chains break open.

How is the main character a warrior in Act 2b?
Josh fights against the demons to get Dalton and himself back into their bodies.

How is the main character an martyr in Act 3?
Josh’s body has been taken over by an evil soul from The Further and is now trapped there (not by own choice though, so this is not a pure Martyr aspect).

The QuickPitch Formula:
(O) When a skeptical school teacher hears that his son’s soul is kept prisoner in a spirit world named “The Further” and learns that he too is a spiritual Traveler just as his son, (W) he searches for his son’s soul in “The Further” , (W) only to discover that not only he must fight the demon that is after his son’s body, but also against an evil soul that is after his own, (M) and is (being) forced to give up his body and become trapped in “The Further”.

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